Other Accessories

BEV is one of the leading bike component manufacturers, pays attention to the comfortable riding experience of customers, and continues to develop and produce bicycle-related components, such as disc adapter, plug internal frame, valve extension, valve adapter, etc.

Disc Adapter: Installed on the bicycle's braking system, enhancing braking performance.
Plug Internal Frame: Installed within the bicycle's frame to reduce aerodynamic drag and enhance overall performance.

Valve Extension: An accessory used to extend the length of the valve on an inner tube, making it easier to inflate, check tire pressure, and add air.

Valve Adapter: Ensures compatibility and versatility in your cycling toolkit.

If you have any demand for bicycle spare parts, please contact BEV. In addition, BEV also produces bicycle accessories, such as carbon fiber products, if you interest in knowing more about bike accessories, welcome to contact us.


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