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The bike frame is the basic part of a bike used to support and connect other bike components, such as wheels, front fork, saddle, etc. The most common bicycle frame is composed of two triangles, also known as a diamond frame, depending on the length and the angle of the bicycle frame affects the riding.

Taiwan bike frames worth of your trust

As one of Taiwan bike frames manufacturers, BEV has accumulated rich experience, knowledge and technology in producing bicycle frames. Our cycle frames can be mainly made of various materials, such as aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber and so on. They are designed for mountain biking, gravel grinding, bikepacking, cyclocross & road racing. BVATO is a well-known brand in the carbon bike frames field. In order to keep our competitive advantages, our production technology is also constantly improving. No matter what kinds of cycle components you are looking for, BEV has the one to meet your need. Contact our service team for more detail.


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